Because the future starts today

The Company

UK ENERGY SOLUTION is committed to offering you simple and money saving solutions to guide you through energy transition.
Evolving among ENERGY SOLUTION GROUP in the emerging sector of renewable energy, the company has developed an efficient business model with its direct sales methods, technical expertise and the pursuit of excellence to the benefit of it’s customers and their installations.
We, UK ENERGY SOLUTION and our parent company, are now a leader in the European PV solar market and has installed in excess of 15,000 systems around the world.

A versatile and dedicated team at your service

From the contract signing to the commissioning phase, our team is adapting to your needs by offering a tailor made PV project.
UK ENERGY SOLUTION has a team of reliable, qualified advisers in 4 distinct departments, each one proving its worth on a daily basis:

  The Administrative Department: Preparing applications and handling interactions with the relevant authorities

  The Financing Department: Processing applications for financing with our partners (conditional acceptance almost immediately). Also handling FIT claims.

  The Technical Department for installations, connecting to the grid and all aspects of your project.

  The Support Department: Answering day-to-day questions.

An extensive network of technicians and advisers

Our network is based all over the United Kingdom and consists of professional advisers and experienced technicians.

  An advice network: Experts are at your service to provide technical and financial diagnosis as well as help you to determine which photovoltaic solution would best suit your home.

  A technical network: Authorised, skilled, qualified installers who strive to bring you satisfaction

With UK ENERGY SOLUTION on your side, you have all the resources needed to successfully meet your goals.

The Group

Working energetically to promote sustainable development

Within the energy transition era, the ENERGY SOLUTION GROUP has invested in innovative products and solutions development.
All the trades related to energy production and energy independence are represented within the Group, offering « turn-key » mastered solutions.
Our photovoltaic integration kit was created thanks to the excellence of our R&D unit, allowing us to win a 60% market share for residential installations in France, our start market.
With more than 150,000 visits to customers to analyse their potential for energy independence, we have now achieved more than 15,000 installations, thus reaching the strongest growth rate in the market.
Our own manufactured products are now distributed throughout 20 European countries.

Technical Department

MCS. Customers must install MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certified panels and use an MCS accredited installer to be able to claim their Feed In Tariff. We have been MCS accredited installers since 2015 and we undergo regular independent inspections of the installations we have performed.  Furthermore, we also undergo regular inspections of our office records and processes.

Our technical department brings together engineers, technicians, roofing specialists and qualified professionals in both heating and electricity.  The department implements solutions which meet the standards defined by manufacturers and accrediting agencies as well as the various insurers that provide cover for all of the areas relevant to our business.

Our teams organise a pre-installation survey with a view to producing a site assessment report and our quality control team is tasked with supervising your installation.

NICEIC qualifications, a guarantee of reliability

NICEIC involves annual inspections of our work, processes and paperwork to ensure we are delivering a high standard of work to our customers.

This quality assurance gives you extra peace of mind, and also less hassle – because we can register the work which we have carried out with building control, negating the need for any costly inspections from Building Control officers on your part. Our qualifications are a means of confirming our technical expertise, in accordance with regulatory requirements (particularly those relating to energy performance ratings), and ensuring that customers get maximum comfort from each system we install.

They are awarded by NICEIC, which lists the professionals with the skills needed to carry out energy efficiency work, while also taking into account any necessary regulations (legal, judicial, administrative, technical, financial or professional).

Our services

A tailor-made installation with custom fitting

Our custom photovoltaic kits offer you a solution to suit each solar roof.

Please discuss your wishes and your ideas with your technical adviser. Our experts will analyse the technical characteristics of your solar roof project in order to define the specific properties and dimensions of the installation.

After a detailed technical inspection of your solar roof installation we will then proceed with the installation which will be executed by our approved, qualified professional installers.

This guarantees a top quality installation!

Please find all our certificates in the Downloads area in the top right corner of our website.

UK energy solution is committed to giving you peace of mind

  • 25 year productivity guarantee.
  • Reliable, high performance products.
  • We handle all the red tape.
  • Appropriate financing solutions.
  • Your electricity production is purchased for 20 years (Government’s Feed in Tariff scheme (FiT))
  • Qualified, expert technicians.

Through all its services, UK ENERGY SOLUTION offers you considerable added value for a “turnkey” photovoltaic project.