For 30 years Rockwool has been carefully manufacturing its blown-in stone wool using a tried and tested technique.



Exceptional performance in terms of both thermal insulation and sound insulation (Rw from 55 to 58 dB), in both summer and winter. Provides effective protection from cold and heat in all seasons.


ROCKWOOL is made from naturally fire resistant stone wool.  Created using the same processes that occur at the heart of a volcano, the material can tolerate temperatures of up to 1000°C and has been awarded this highest possible European classification: A1 non-combustible.


Good insulation allows you to save energy and help protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Energy Return on Energy Invested (ERoEI) is achieved after the first few months.


Rockwool is resistant to moisture and micro-organisms and doesn’t contain any cellulose (the preferred food source of termites). It has a lifespan of over 50 years (as stated on its French Environmental Product Declaration) and does not undergo settling.

Thermal insulation: The number one factor in energy saving

Rockwool is an insulation material manufactured from a natural material resulting from volcanic activity – basalt. In the home it serves as both a thermal insulator and a sound insulator.

It offers excellent resistance to moisture, fire and micro-organisms. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain any cellulose which would otherwise attracts termites. It also boasts a lifespan of up to 50 years.

Thanks to this long lifespan and the energy savings that it brings, stone wool provides you with value for money, quality insulation.

Good quality insulation keeps the heat inside your home and avoids energy being wasted. In doing so, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Stone wool is also a recyclable material.

Heat loss in the home

The biggest source of heat loss in homes is via the roof. Jetrock is a simple, economical and fast solution that allows you to reduce your energy bill. Choose the best performing insulator and start to save.

Insulating your unused attic and loft spaces with Jetrock blown-in stone wool represents an investment that’s profitable in both the short and long term – you’ll save up to 30% on your heating bills while also adding value to your home.

Quick and easy installation

Step 1: A hose is brought to the loft or attic area. No material is stored in the house which means your home will not get dirty.

Step 2: Each bag comes with a label bearing a check number. These labels can be removed from the bag and placed elsewhere which means the insulation material can be easily identified in the future.

Step 3: Rulers are used to check the height of the stone wool, the height of the stone wool is dependent on your exact needs.

Step 4: Stone wool is blown into even the smallest nooks and crannies. Thermal bridges are thus eliminated, even in the most complex of buildings.

Step 5: Thickness and density are then checked using a standardised gauge.

Step 6: At the end of the installation you sign an inspection sheet.