With the GSE THERMO’SYSTEM, you can make savings of up to 70% on your domestic hot water bills. This thermodynamic hot water tank, which comes equipped with a heat pump, uses thermal energy from the air to heat water.

The ideal solution for those looking to optimise their energy consumption


With an average capacity of 254 litres; this thermodynamic water heater can meet the daily domestic hot water requirements of a family.


By using unconsumed photovoltaic energy to produce hot water, the GSE THERMO’SYSTEM allows you to enhance your solar energy system to allow for optimal self consumption.


Make savings by replacing your old electric tank – reduce your electricity bills by up to 70% when compared to hot water storage tanks.


The tank qualifies as a renewable energy solution under the Net-ZEB regulations and those who install it may be eligible to receive financial aid. It also boosts the energy performance rating of your home.

A thermodynamic hot water tank optimised for self consumption

The boiler that allows you to store and manage your electricity

This thermodynamic water heater uses a heat pump to harness the thermal energy present in the air. This energy can then be used to heat the domestic water in your home. This is the principle behind aerothermal systems.

The heater can be programmed manually and is easy to use. The goal is to adjust your hot water production according to your own requirements, which might vary depending on the time of day, or if you’re away from home for a long period of time, for example.

Installing a thermodynamic water boiler allows you to reduce your energy bill by up to 70%. Your investment will start to pay off after just a few years.

The system uses ambient air which is a free and infinite resource. It is non-polluting and helps to conserve the planet’s resources by saving the energy to heat up several hundred litres of water every day.

What this product offers?

The GSE THERMO’SYSTEM was developed with the goal of optimising self consumption by making it possible to store unconsumed energy in hot water. It has a capacity of 254 litres.

  • The optional SMART GRID module for managing your energy consumption is also available; this module allows you to integrate photovoltaic or aerovoltaic systems with your tank
  • Performance: COP of 3.33 – the highest on the market (Coefficient Of Performance)
  • Produces almost no sound
  • The heat pump is activated once solar energy exceeding 730 W of your home’s energy consumption level is produced
  • Operates at temperatures between -5°C and 35°C; and shuts off automatically outside of this range
  • Measures just 1.75 m in height and 631 mm in diameter
  • Stores water at 62°C when solar energy is stored as hot water
  • Can be configured to use air from both inside and outside the home
  • The tank has a steel body reinforced with Ceraprotect enamel coating. The tank is placed on a reinforced pallet and wrapped in transparent film during transport which means it can be easily inspected for damage after unloading
  • A magnesium anode is used, which ensures that water does not come into contact with aluminium
  • The element can be easily replaced without having to drain the entire tank
  • 7 year guarantee
  • Save up to 70% on your domestic hot water bill.


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